Shilpas Yoga (2007) Full Hindi Movie Watch Online

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Shilpas Yoga (2007) Full Hindi Movie Watch Online

She is ravishingly beautiful, has a great body, smiling-talking eyes, a decent actress and yes she has done India ‘proud’. Of course we are talking about our latest export Shilpa Shetty who is making definite inroads in the western world after the acrimoniously famous ‘Big Brother’ victory. After launching her perfume S2, Diva Shetty has made another coup that is bound to go down well with the West and East alike. The DVD of Shilpa’s Yoga guide is the brainwave of S2 Global Productions Pvt Ltd and has been presented by Firefly Entertainment UK. It’s a methodical, detailed-yet-simply-put foray in the ancient practice that promises to “integrate” human mind, body and soul.

Before going into the details, let’s start with something that startles once the Yoga video flows like the tranquil Kerala backwaters. It’s obvious that Shilpa’s glamorous appeal has been utilized to maximize the eyeballs. For when you watch gorgeous S2 moving that lithe body trapped in a skimpy top it’s hard to take off the eyes away from the washboard abs and the slow sensuous moves. The burning austere lamps, decorated elephants walking languorously on a sea beach and pious music tinkering along softly are definite attempts at cashing in on the stereotypes associated with India.

To be fair to Shilpa, apart from capitalizing on the Oomph factor, she makes an extremely genuine attempt of helping you delve into the world of Yoga by giving personalized anecdotes from her own hectic life. Yoga, according to her is a lifestyle choice and proved immensely valuable during outdoor shoots when she couldn’t carry weights for exercising. It’s perfectly scientific, safe and each asana aims at a specific body part. After a brief introduction, it’s time for the Workout. Shilpa showcases the various asanas catering to various body parts while a voiceover (in a thick British accent) explains the dos and donts.

Now, while she shows you how it’s done, there are twin advantages for you as a viewer. The first one is that if you wish to get a detailed guide to the techniques of Yoga, you don’t need to look any further. And secondly the manner in which Shilpa performs the various asanas (almost in a slow motion) there’s sexuality oozing out from all pores and it keeps you engaged even if Yoga doesn’t fascinate you.

The DVD comes with a few other notable features as well. If you found the detailed workout a bit too lengthy then there’s a 15 Minute Quick Fix shot at various locations. The most engaging part of this bonus feature is Shilpa posing atop a boat amidst the peaceful Kerala Backwaters. In the Meet Shilpa section, Cheeni Kum child star Swini Khare gives a lowdown on Shilpa’s career. It’s an interesting way of presenting Shilpa’s Filmgraphy for Swini vows to be a die hard Shilpa fan. Shilpa’s Stills will hold attention for those who wish to perfume their desktops with the designer S2 pictures.

It’s time to come to two of the most amusing features of this DVD. The Behind the Scenes and the Bloopers… While the Behind the Scenes finds director Manish Jha playing SRK pranks, Shilpa showing off the disco steps, the fast paced windy conditions causing problems on the outdoor, the camera grueling along on the trolley, the numerous look-downs on the monitor and the tiring painful moments of doing the same shot again-n-again. The Bloopers are an opportunity for Shilpa to laugh at her own expense. Be it the tongue twisting script or a posture gone sour, Shetty good-naturedly breaks into a hearty laughter nevertheless and you just can’t help but smile unabashedly.


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Episode 1 – Ardha Halasana With One Leg The Half – Plough Posture
Episode 2 – Ardha Pawanmuktasana With One Leg The Leg Lock Pose
Episode 3 – Ardha Shalabhasana With One Leg The Locust Pose
Episode 4 – Arm Stretch
Episode 5 – Back Asana
Episode 6 – Bhramamudra Lord Brahmas Pose
Episode 7 – Bhramri The Humming Bee Breath
Episode 8 – Bhujangasana The Cobra Pose Two Variations
Episode 9 – Chakrasana The Wheel Pose
Episode 10 – Dhanurasana The Bow Pose
Episode 11 – Finger Lock And Stretch
Episode 12 – Finger Lock Behind The Neck
Episode 13 – Health Is Wealth
Episode 14 – Kapalbhati Rapid Exhalation
Episode 15 – Kativakrasana The Spinal Twist On The Back Variation
Episode 16 – Makrasana The Crocodile Pose
Episode 17 – Marjari Asana The Cat Pose
Episode 18 – Naukasan The Boat Pose
Episode 19 – Padahastasana Forward Bending
Episode 20 – Parvatasana Mountain Pose
Episode 21 – Setu Bandhasana The Bridge Pose
Episode 22 – Shavasana Corpse Posture
Episode 23 – Shilpa`s Yoga Music Video
Episode 24 – Shoulder Rotation
Episode 25 – Simple Prishthasana Backward Bending
Episode 26 – Standing Chakrasana The Wheel Pose – Standing Lateral Be…
Episode 27 – Tadasana With Finger Lock The Palm Tree Pose
Episode 28 – Ustrasana The Camel Pose
Episode 29 – Utkatasana The Squat And Rise Posture
Episode 30 – Utthanpadasana The Raised Legs Pose
Episode 31 – Veerbhadrasana Variation The Warrior Pose
Episode 32 – Yoga Mudra Mirror
Episode 33 – Vyaghrasana Mirror
Episode 34 – Vrikshasana Mirror
Episode 35 – Veerbhadrasana
Episode 36 – Vakrasana
Episode 37 – Vajrasana
Episode 38 – Utthanpadasana
Episode 39 – Utkatasana
Episode 40 – Ustrasana
Episode 41 – Tadasana
Episode 42 – Shavasana
Episode 43 – Shashankasana
Episode 44 – Setu Bandhasana
Episode 45 – Prishthasana
Episode 46 – Parvatasana
Episode 47 – Padahastasana
Episode 48 – Naukasana
Episode 49 – Natrajasana
Episode 50 – Marjari Asana
Episode 51 – Kativakrasana
Episode 52 – Kapalbhati
Episode 53 – Dhanurasana
Episode 54 – Chakarasana
Episode 55 – Chakarasana Standing
Episode 56 – Bhujangasana
Episode 57 – Bhramri
Episode 58 – Bharamamudra
Episode 59 – Arm Stretch
Episode 60 – Ardha Shalabhasana
Episode 61 – Ardha Pawanmuktasana
Episode 62 – Ardha Halasana
Episode 63 – Anulom Vilom
Episode 64 – Natrajasana
Episode 65 – Introduction
Episode 66 – Chakarasana
Episode 67 – Bharamamudra
Episode 68 – Class Introduction

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